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Adult Diapers Hadar Series 41101Adult Diapers Hadar Series 41101Adult Diapers Hadar Series 41101

Adult Diapers Hadar Series 41101

  • Product Name: Adult Diapers
  • Model Number: Hadar Series/41101
  • Age Group: Adult
  • Applicable Hips: M-L(70-125cm) / L-XL(90-145cm)
  • Material: PE Film
  • Top Sheet: Polymer Absorbent, Absorbent Paper, Cotton Wood Pulp, Spandex, Glue
  • Back sheet: Non-woven Fabric

Adult Diapers

A good night's sleep cannot be undervalued. Higher Absorbency diapers have a higher capacity for fluids, allowing for an uninterrupted 8 hours of rest. These diapers can be used during the day, as well as overnight. The professional technique & unique full servo equipment to ensure the prior quality diapers.Enterprise adopts advanced full servo production equipment, specializing in the production of adult care supplies, with a number of national patents.

Adult Diapers Buying Guide

· Water absorption speed
· Comfort
· High-quality materials
· Testing and certification

Product Structure

① Ultra-wide rear elastic waistline
② Urine leakage guard
③ Sticker scale on front waist
④ Hollow Concave Design
⑤ Super Absorbent Polymer

Product Advantage

Adult diapers Features:

1.Hollow Concave Design, increase water absorption speed by 30%
2.This product uses imported SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer),can achieve urine effective absorption up to 4 times.rapid
absorption,and more dry surface layer.
3.Front waist sticker with scale,measure the paste position of the Magic accurately.
4.Ultra-wide rear elastic waistline effectively prevents back leakage
5.Urine leakage guard can effectively prevents side leakage.




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