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Electric Folding Hoyer lift 71980Electric Folding Hoyer lift 71980Electric Folding Hoyer lift 71980Electric Folding Hoyer lift 71980

Electric Folding Hoyer lift 71980

  • Product Name: Electric Folding Hoyer Lift
  • Product Number: 71980
  • Foldable Size(L * W * H): (1310 * 710 * 335)mm
  • Weight Capacity: 150kg
  • Boom Height: (0 - 1610)mm

Electric Patient Lift

The electric patient lift which can easily move the patient up and down , saving effort and meeting the life needs of the patient.
Transfers may be to and from beds, chairs, floor to bed, lateral transfers, bathing, and toileting , and offers a wide selection slings for a variety of lifting situations.

Patient Lift Buying Guide

Weight Capacity
(33 0lbs)
Slings Sizing Choose
Four-point swivel bar
Motor device

Product Structure

① Hanger
② Boom
③ Emergency descent device
④ Push hand
⑤ Battery
⑥ Motor
⑦ Pedestal adjustment pedal
⑧ Rear wheel (with brake)
⑨ Base

Product Advantage

Compact smartness
Deneb Series 71980 is designed to be easily transported to where it is required. It is designed for home care and easy storage.
Comfortable and safe transfer
The patient lift range of 0-161 cm (0"–63.4") provides an excellent maximum hoisting height and at the same time gets very low, facilitating hoisting from the floor. Standard 4-point sling suspension ensures a comfortable and spacious hoisting position for the user.

folding process for electric patient lift

Slings Choose



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