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Knowledge of wheelchair selection and use

Knowledge of wheelchair selection and use

2021-04-28 16:52:37

  Knowledge of wheelchair selection and use Guided Reading In the process of treating patients, the wheelchair is a very widely used tool, such as lower limb disability, hemiplegia, paraplegia below the chest and mobility disabilities are ve

Patient Hoists Guide

Patient Hoists Guide

2021-04-23 17:09:49

What is a Patient Hoist? What is a Ceiling Hoists? What is a Portable Overhead Hoists? What is a Mobile Hoists?

The Ceiling Hoist Lift  Introduction

The Ceiling Hoist Lift Introduction

2021-04-23 17:09:57

Product Description: The Shifting Machine (Medical Skyrail section) is mainly composed of an electric lifting shifting machine, a track, a sling, and a sling. The products can transport the patients in a safer and more comfortable way, eliminate th

Patient Lift Buying Guide: Choosing The Right Patient Lift for Your Home or Healthcare Facility

Patient Lift Buying Guide: Choosing The Right Patient Lift for Your Home or Healthcare Facility

2021-05-28 15:58:38

Four Questions to Ask Before Buying a Patient Lift 1. Do you want a manual or electric lift? 2. How much weight will the lift need to support? 3. How high will you need the lift to lift your patient? 4. Will you be taking your lift anywhere? Four Types of Specialty Patient Lifts

Calculation of space distribution demand for the hospital medical beds

Calculation of space distribution demand for the hospital medical beds

2021-04-28 16:51:39

Calculation of space distribution demand for the hospital medical beds Based on the types of rehabilitation diseases, the number of rehabilitation patients and the number of rehabilitation beds in the region are calculated by using the geographic infor

How to Lift Patients Properly: Tips for Caregivers

How to Lift Patients Properly: Tips for Caregivers

2021-06-09 15:51:11

How to Lift Patients Properly Transfer patient device recommendation

How to Lift and Transfer Elderly Adults Safely

How to Lift and Transfer Elderly Adults Safely

2021-06-04 14:34:18

How do you transfer and lift elderly adults Useful tips for transfer and lift elderly adults

Healthcare Supplier-Buy Top Quality Equipment At Best Prices Online

Healthcare Supplier-Buy Top Quality Equipment At Best Prices Online

2021-07-22 10:54:50

if you run a business, hospital, clinic or need the devices for personal use, you can visit CareAge Medical site.

Patient Hoist Buying Guide

Patient Hoist Buying Guide

2021-09-10 10:54:25

Transfer disable person solution device buying guide

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Patient Hoist Buying Guide

2021-09-10 10:54:25

>Patient Hoist Device Buying Guide


Taking care of patients and aged individuals can be a big challenge for caretakers, particularly in a home setting. This particularly applies to those patients who have mobility problems and cannot themselves get out of their beds, showers, and walk around without support


The constant assistance that the patients with mobility require with just the basic tasks like getting in and out of bed can lead to the caregivers getting worn out and increases the risk of accidents and mishaps. This is where the patient lift systems like the Hoyer lifts come in as a cure for all the patient and caregivers day to day stresses

>What is a Hoyer Lift?


Hoyer lifts are a type of patient lift that help transport immobile patients from place to place, usually with the help of a nurse in a healthcare setup or their caregiver's in-home setup. It is designed to help individuals with mobility issues to be able to get out of bed or even their baths without the assistance of another individual, and help provide them a sense of independence.

The Hoyer lifts, which are named after their inventor, can either be available as a free-standing lift, it can be on wheels, and it can be supported on a wall of the ceiling

elder people with love
>Types of Hoyer Lifts

There are a variety of Hoyer lifts. The most popular tend to be power lifts, says Ambrose, because they’re so simple to use. The type of lift someone should use depends on a few factors, such as price and what your insurance will cover.

Power Hoyer Lifts

Electric patient lifts—which can be plugged into the wall or powered by rechargeable batteries—are usually considered the easiest to operate. “I can push a button to raise it and lower it,” says Ambrose.

Average cost: $3,000 

Manual Hoyer Lifts

This type of device is also called a hydraulic lift, and it’s the only kind Medicare will pay for, says Ambrose. Manual lifts are powered by a hydraulic pump that is relatively easy to use, but more difficult than simply pressing a button on an electric lift.

Average cost: $400 to $500

Sit-to-Stand Hoyer Lifts

Sit-to-stand lifts help secure patients as they shift from a seated position to a standing position (as opposed to helping someone who is lying down move into a chair, for example).

“It’s almost like a cross between the manual one and the power lift one, but it’s for people who are a little bit stronger,” says Adrianna Ware, a registered nurse and nurse educator with CareAcademy, which provides online caregiver training. If the person being lifted is able to assist with the lift in any way, a sit-to-stand lift is often a great choice, she says.

Average cost: At least $1,000

Ceiling Hoyer Lifts

While most patient lifts are free-standing, ceiling lifts are—as the name suggests—attached to the ceiling. A track is mounted along the ceiling, which helps save floor space—one reason why some people think they’re particularly convenient.

“The benefit is it’s up in the ceiling and you don’t have a big clunky machine somewhere,” says Ambrose. But they’re expensive, depending on how elaborate the track is, she says.

Average cost: Upwards of $20,000

>How Do You Use Hoyer Lift

Yse the Hoyer lift by placing the sling underneath the patient, which is attached to the arm of the pou uatient lift, which is able to extend it to the desired location of the patient, in turn lifting them up. The Hoyer hydraulic arm lofts work by lifting up the person into the air, after which they are transported to their desired location. They can move in numerous ways and in numerous directions. While some lifts are able to rotate a person, others move in a preset pathway.

>Are Hoyer Lift Safe?

The Hoyer lifts are generally considered safe, provided that the caregiver and the patient themselves have adequate training and knowledge about its mechanism. According to the FDA, certain things which can make the patients lifts even safer include:

  • Careful evaluation of the patient's weight and their physical condition
  • Evaluate beforehand how many caregivers will be required to lift the patient
  • The Medical History and Current Medical Condition of the patient
  • Selection of appropriate Lift and Sling for the patient
  • Making sure that lifting up the patient in a certain position may not make their health condition worse
  • Evaluation of the mental status of the patient

>How Do You Choose The Right Size of Lifting Sling?

Choosing the right size of the sling is essential, as it does not only directly affect the patient's comfort but also influences their safety. This can be done by carefully measuring the patient's weight, assessing their hip measurements, and evaluating their size. All these measurements should be taken with accuracy, as a sling being too large or too small for the patient can have its own consequences. If the sling chosen for the patient is too large, it may act as a safety hazard as the patient may slip out of it while they are being lifted.

On the other hand, if the sling is too small for the patient, they may also fall out of it while being lifted, or it may worsen their health by compressing their body in the wrong places. Moreover, after choosing the right size of the sling, the nurse or caretaker should make sure that the sling is attached correctly as incorrect placement of the sling can lead to life-threatening accidents and injuries not only for the patient but for the caretaker as well.

Another important factor to consider when it comes to the sizing of the sling is that it should be compatible with the patient lift itself. Hence it is best to always get the patient lift checked and set up by a professional to prevent any accidents or possible injuries while using the lift.

>How To Determine The Correct Material of Sling For Patient Lift

Just like choosing the right sling size, choosing the right fabric for the sling also plays an important role in patients' comfort and safety. The fabric should be chosen keeping certain factors in mind, which include the weight of the patient, their stability, and overall muscle tone.

The fabric of the sling may be available in the meshed form, or it may also be available in a padded form. While the meshed form Is usually used for the purpose of showering and in toilets, the padded form is used for its superior comfort, which may be required to lift patients in and out of bed.

> Lift Pricing

CareAge Medical has over 20 years of experience in supplying the highest quality of mobility products at the most affordable costs. While Patients lifts may be offered at numerous companies online, the CareAge offers its customers a cost advantage to allow them to not actually add the products to their wish list but to actually buy them.