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Patient Elderly Turner 72110Patient Elderly Turner 72110

Patient Elderly Turner 72110

  • Product Name: Patient Elderly Turner
  • Product Model: 72110
  • Gross Weight: 22kg
  • Weight Capacity:150kg|330lbs,

Product Description:

A patient turner or patient transfer aid is a piece of equipment that allows a carer to help a patient to go from a sit-to-stand-to-sit in the same place with a turn from one seat to the next. It is used in the moving and handling process to safely assist patients in moving from a bed, chair or wheelchair to stand and then sit on an alternate seat. It makes the movement easier for the carer and more dignified and comfortable for the patient.


1. A patient turner can be used to aid transfers and movements for patients and aged care residents with limited mobility.
2. Patient turners are mobile pieces of equipment designed for use by carers.
3. They allow them to facilitate standing and seat-to-seat transfers, including those between chairs, beds, wheelchairs, toilets and commodes.
4. As patient turners provide support for a standing position, they allow patients to participate in functional transfers.
5. However, patients must have moderate upper and lower limb strength to safely use the turner.
6. Two large steel discs with two nylon plates making rotating smooth and effortless
7. Weight capacity 150kg


patient capacity
2 rear
Heavy gauge
steel construction
Standard slings


Patient Turner



Product Applications

The patient turner is versatile enough to use for any and all patient moves. Suitable for homes, nursing homes or hospitals and other places; Transfers may be to and from beds, chairs, floor to bed, lateral transfers, bathing, and toileting.


Product Details

· The low profile base facilitates the users feet placement and has lower padded leg supports can be adjusted without the use of tools!
· 2 rear 8cm (3") castors for effortless manoeuvring even with heavier users.

The Patient Turner is a sturdy steel frame which provides stable support for the user.
The Sturdy steel frame provides stable support for the user and the height adjustable handles are to help suit the user requirements.


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