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Semi-Electric Nursing Home Care Bed 74710 WhiteSemi-Electric Nursing Home Care Bed 74710 WhiteSemi-Electric Nursing Home Care Bed 74710 WhiteSemi-Electric Nursing Home Care Bed 74710 White

Semi-Electric Nursing Home Care Bed 74710 White

  • Product Name: Electric Nursing Bed
  • Model Number: 74710
  • Height(with Casters):24"
  • Dimensions: 36" (W) x 88"(L)
  • Net Weight: 73.9 kg/163 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: 450 lbs.
  • Packaging Dimensions: (116 * 95 * 26)cm

Ultra-Light Electric Bed

A great Ultra-Light Electric Bed for your personal care!
Ultra-Light Electric Bed is ideal for any individual who needs a bed at home, in a hospital, or at a nursing home. A self-contained motor remains incredibly quiet, and motor assembly can be installed and removed while patient remains in bed.
Comfort,Convenience,Quality : Easily adjust the bed to the height and position you need. The bed frame is simple to assemble, cleans easily.

Electric Bed Buying Guide

Weight Capacity
Functions and features

Product Structure

① Guardrail (Optional)
② Motor
③ Spring bed
④ Head/Footboard
⑤ Lock pin
⑥ Casters

Product Advantage

The bed features channel frame construction with zinc coated spring deck to provide superior strength and reduced weight.
The bed is strong enough to withstand a weight capacity of up to 450 pounds yet features a caster that moves easily, making adjustments between 9.5"-20" deck height a cinch.

Comes with 9V battery to lower the bed section up to 9 times during power outage.
Headboard is taller than footboard to better fit home decor.

Bed accessories

Hand Control Pendant:
6-button control,Glow in the dark buttons.
Even with the lights out the pendant can be quickly located by the user or the attendant.

Compatible with all bed mattresses:
Any standard size mattress will fit this frame. Whether you want to use a foam, spring or alternating pressure air mattress, this frame will be perfect.

Half Rail Included:
These safety rails clamp on and off easily. An easy release button enables each rail to be independently lowered or raised simply.



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