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Smart Electric/Power Wheelchair 74502 Weight 36kgSmart Electric/Power Wheelchair 74502 Weight 36kgSmart Electric/Power Wheelchair 74502 Weight 36kgSmart Electric/Power Wheelchair 74502 Weight 36kg

Smart Electric/Power Wheelchair 74502 Weight 36kg

  • Product Name: Electric Wheelchair
  • Product Model Number: 74502
  • Unfolded Dimension: (1070 * 650 * 930)mm
  • Folded Dimension: (785 * 445 * 745)mm
  • Motor: DC 24V, 250W * 2
  • Battery: DC 24V 12AH
  • Weight: 36 kg
  • Weight Limited: 120 kg
  • Maximum Speed: 6 km/h
  • Driving Range: 12 km

Powerful Electric Wheelchair

New Lightweight foldable electric power wheelchair is preferred by everyone. It is Very Convenient as a Mobility Wheelchair, with Powerful Motors and High-Volume Battery, New Comfy Go Gives You Freedom. With the New Anti-Leaning Rear Design, It is Perfectly Stable and Safe.

Electric Wheelchair Buying Guide

500W Dual Motor
(250W * 2)
Lead-acid batteries
12km battery life
Removable Controller
Humanized design
Powerful and Foldable

Product Structure

① Joystick
② Back cushions
③ Seat belt
④ Handbrake
⑤ Driving Mode Switch
⑥ Leggings
⑦ Footstool
⑧ Wheel

Product Advantage

Power Wheelchair Features
1. Durable and Stylish
2. Travel Distance up to 12km.
3. EABS brake system,ramp packing more safe.
4. Folding structure, lighweight and portable,Saving space.
5. 360°smart controller,operate more sensitive.
6. Removable seat cushion,breathable and comfort.


Folding structure, lighweight and portable:
1.Saving space; it is very easy to load or store this wheelchair
into your vehicle, trains and airplanes.
2.Fully Assembled & Ready to Use: The wheelchair comes
already assembled.

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