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Stair Climbing Wheelchair 74510Stair Climbing Wheelchair 74510Stair Climbing Wheelchair 74510Stair Climbing Wheelchair 74510

Stair Climbing Wheelchair 74510

  • Product Name: Stair Climbing Wheelchair
  • Package Size: 1200*740*385
  • Gross Weight:66.5 kg
  • Weight Limited: 120 kg
  • Battery Specifications: Lithium Battery 24V 13AH
  • Battery Net Weight: 15 kg
  • Motor Specification: DC 24V 250W*2
  • Driving Range: 12-15 km
  • Seat Height: 600 mm
  • Seat Dimension: (420 * 380)mm

Stair ClimbingWheelchair

Stair climbing wheelchair is mainly used for high-rise buildings to transfer patient up and down stairs. Suitable for home, hospitals, emergency centers etc. Foldable design and one person operate easily.Upgraded seat belt to ensure safety & anti-dropping. This stair lift is lightweight, non-broken, and quite labor-saving.

Stair Climbing Wheelchair Buying Guide

Weight Capacity
Lithium battery
Tank track

Product Structure

(1) Smart operation panel
(2) Adjust the lever
(3) Cushion/cushion
(4) Rear handle
(5) Armrest
(6) Seat belt

(7) Lithium battery
(8) Climbing track
(9) Stretcher
(10) Pedal
(11) Wheel
(12) Anti-back wheel device

Product Advantage

Transfer Easily
Safe and effectively transports patients up and downstairs and across the level ground as a wheelchair.

Easy to operate
Quickly and easily you can fold and store it in the car boot and for transportation.

Safe & Durable
Aluminum Alloy design make it durable and safe for transfer; The unique track structure is convenient and safe when the stretcher goes down the stairs. Dual-use as an electric wheelchair or emergency stretcher (Pull out the back rail).


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