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Power Hoyer Lift 71920

Power Hoyer Lift 71920

  • Product Name: Power Hoyer Lift
  • Product Model: 71920
  • Casters: 3"Front / 5" Rear
  • Weight: 49kg
  • Weight Capacity: 450lbs/204kg

Power Hoyer Lift 71920 


Product Description

This Electric Battery Power Patient Lift offers exceptional value in an Electric Patient Lifter. It's an affordable

powered lift with battery and charger.

Lift from floor, bed, commode, or wheelchair. Easy to use Lift system has a wide cradle that accommodates

a 2-point or 4-point sling.
White powder-coated finish is easy to clean and won't stain or tarnish.



1. Heavy-gauge construction
2. Jumbo actuator pump with emergency button can switch to manual mode to lower patient down safely
3. Fast, easy charge from AC outlet
4. To charge, simply plug in unit Battery does not need to be removed to be charged Lift will not operate while plugged in For home-care use
5. 6-point swivel attachment allows for 2, 4 or 6 point slings
6. Base height only 4.75" for low under bed clearance
7. Multiple sling options available
8. Lifts up to 450 lbs.
9. Optional Weight Scale.



Detailed Description




Lift from floor, bed, commode, or wheelchair.

Easy to use Lift system has a six point cradle that will accommodate

a six point sling, 4 point sling or a 2 point slings.

Optional Weight Scale






With Emergency stop button andemergency lowering system.

This Lift has a removable battery pack that plugs into the control box/charger.

The pump even includes an emergency button and can be switched to manual mode to lower the patient safely.




Adjustable base,Expand base of lifter to widest

possible position to maximize stability and ease of use.



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