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Rotatable Electric and Manual Nursing Bed 74790Rotatable Electric and Manual Nursing Bed 74790Rotatable Electric and Manual Nursing Bed 74790Rotatable Electric and Manual Nursing Bed 74790

Rotatable Electric and Manual Nursing Bed 74790

  • Product Name: Rotatable Electric Nursing Bed
  • Model Number: 74790

Manual and Electric
Nursing Bed

Adjustable Hospital Beds for Home Care or assisted living environments are used to better meet the needs of loved ones who have reduced , or require special care due to a medical condition. Adjustable hospital beds offer a variety of positions to assist with care, eating, reading, washing hair, washing feet, defecationg, etting in and out of bed, and improve sleeping.

Electric Bed Buying Guide

Weight Capacity
Functions and features

Product Structure

① Headboard and footboard
② Guardrail
③ Mattress
④ Infusion stand
⑤ Control Handle
⑥ Motor
⑦ Bedpan
⑧ Casters (with lock)

Product Advantage

·Flexibility of adjustment: Electric powered hospital beds are adjustable beds that offer recovering patients to manage the bed position .

·Comfort: If you pick a bed that is hassle-free and convenient to use, then a full electric bed will really be an exceptional choice for you.

·Mobility:The hospital beds is with premium castors and central locking braking system.

Bed accessories

1. Backrest up & down
It is easy for patient to sit up down and do some daily life activities easily through electric remoter controller, lessening nursing daily routine for both patients and caregivers.
2. knee up & down
With the electric remote controllers, patients can realize the leg up down to make the blood and pain circulation smoothly.
3. Washing head hair
The shampoo basin is placed at the backrest of position, it is very useful and helpful for the paralyzed patients to wash head hair and feet.
4. Defecation function
Provide convenient toilet functions for users who cannot take care of themselves.
5. Turn left and right
This electric hospital bed can adjust the position of left and right via the remote control, it is convenient for the paralyzed patient. With this function, suffers can make the body blood flow smooth
6. Transfusion drip holes
Standard accessories.



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