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Toilet ChairToilet ChairToilet ChairToilet Chair

Toilet Chair

  • Product Name: Toilet Chair
  • Product Model Number: 10702
  • Height: 26" - 30"
  • Seat Dimension: 20.9"(W) x 15.7"(D)
  • Weight Limited: 330 lbs.

Toilet Chair

Multifunctional commode chair, adjustable height, dual functions for bathing and toilet, S-reinforced frame design, stable and convenient; clamshell design, portable toilet, clean and hygienic, stainless steel design overall, with non-slip foot pads on the feet, Your safety escort;

Commode Wheelchair Buying Guide

Weight Capacity
(330 lbs)
Non-slip foot pad

Product Structure

① Toilet lid
② Armrest
③ Toilet seat
④ Plastic toilet
⑤ Non-slip foot pad
⑥ “S” bracket

Product Advantage

• Thickened stainless steel toilet chair, firm and stable
• Waterproof function, can take a bath
• 5 levels of height adjustable
• Anti-slip foot pads are used on the feet to prevent accidents
• Easily disassembled, easy to store and not occupy any space
• Portable toilet, plastic material, large capacity


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